About Me

I’ve never climbed Mount Everest or crossed the Antarctic, but I’m just starting my career and it’s well known that what is not yet can still be

Hello, I’m Glenn. I am a 20 years old media designer and photographer from Cologne (since earlier this year). I started photography as a hobby in 2014 by buying a used D3200. When I first took this camera in my hand, I knew that would be a big deal for me. Now, years later, my photos have been published in online blogs and magazines around the world and even exhibited a few times.

Guided by the quote of the famous photographer Steve McCurry “My life is shaped by the urgent need for walking and observing, and my camera is my passport.”, I try to merge my two passions for travel and photography to capture the beauty historical places and urban landscapes.

I love working with others to learn more and pass on my learned knowledge of recent years. Want to take me through the city and take pictures? Let me know.